About Us

PerfX Technologies Private Limited is an IT Company based in Bangalore. We aim to provide end-to-end IT solutions for Small, Medium & Large Enterprise Businesses; through innovations, best processes and latest technology integrations.

PerfX spread wings in the business of :

  1. Storage Area Network (SAN) and i-Security
  2. products trade
    • Servers
    • SAN Storages
    • SAN Switches /Routers
    • i-Security products
    • Other FC products
  3. Software Development
    • Business Apps Development
    • Mobile Apps Development
    • Website Development
    • Mobile-Web Development
    • Web Application Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Hosting
  4. Storage Area Network trainings (SAN-Storage)
  5. Consulting Services.

Vision :

PerfX aims to be your partner in growth and act as your catalyst of change.

Our aim is to convert your business models to effective business IT solutions that will help you maximize your returns on investments.

We, at PerfX, believe that every relationship is built firmly on trust and acceptance; and hope to create and nurture this relationship of growth with you.

Mission :

Your business agility and our IT proficiency could make your demand felt across the globe.

The creative minds, experienced hands and technical brains at PerfX, have empowered us to create a unique appearance for all those who trust us for the public presence of their business.